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Automotive Window Film

Cool Off
If your car doesn't have tinted windows, the desert can be a very inhospitable place to live and work. Stop feeling the burn of the seatbelt buckle today! We guarantee a bubble-free installation, or we re-do it. Simple.
Privacy & Protection
Adding tint to your vehicle not only makes it look brand new, but it also makes your interior less visible to potential thieves. The film will also prevent the broken glass from injuring passengers in the even of an accident. Tinting your car just makes sense.
Promotion Details
Offer applies to 2 or 4 door cars or pickup trucks. SUV & suburban have additional charges.
SUNTEK HP  is the brand of automotive film we use. Limo film is additional charge.
Any removal of old film carries additional charges.
It's Easy
Call and speak with professionals who'll get the job done right, at an affordable price.


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